Safija's story

Safija liked the new buildings that had begun to sprout around the city. For several days the streets had been abuzz with drummers announcing a gala concert that was to be hosted by the Austrian Field Marshal at the military barracks. It was an event that would be remembered by everyone in Sarajevo for decades to come. New carriages had appeared in the town, beautifully painted and carrying ladies in long light colored dresses and jeweled headbands garlanded with flowers … Safija had never seen anything like it in her life. The ladies were accompanied by gentlemen dressed in black, without belts or waistcoats. Their white shirts were fastened at the neck in a strange way and they had polished shoes. On their heads they wore a different kind of fez Safija knew that it was called a hat. She knew too that the ladies’ headbands were called tiaras. She stood by the barracks and watched the people arrive for the concert; some of them nodded politely to her as they walked by. And then the strangest thing happened and Safija ran home.

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The four rooms

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