Summer Garden

In the city center, and yet away from the city bustle, the charming garden of "4 rooms of Mrs. Safia" is a favorite place during warm days for those who know how to take a break and find their island of peace and hedonism, in a restaurant and lounge atmosphere. The fountain, flowers, comfortable sofas and mood music will make your day more beautiful and your time more precious. When we started the project of renovating this beautiful house in Sarajevo, we realized from the very beginning that we don't just want a restaurant. We want love, the kind for which the house was built. And Safia's garden, if the house were a man, would be the heart. We want to share both home and love, firmly adhering to the truth of the saying that both home and love grow only when they are shared with others. Love often comes through the strangest forms. You just have to open your heart to see them.