Awaken the inner beauty – your cycle, your strength

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April 4, 2022
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August 2, 2022

It is noticeable that we know very little about what the monthly cycle means, given that this topic is still taboo in most societies, and therefore education about it is very scarce. This results in ignorance which further leads to various negative consequences for the reproductive but also general health of women, as well as many issues, such as:

– What phases of the cycle are there?
– Do you recognize the symptoms and changes that accompany them?
– How do you deal with changes in appetite during the cycle?
– Are you trying to help your body by following certain tips?
– How to adjust your diet and lifestyle to all this?

At the end of June, we are preparing answers to these questions, but also to the most important one – how is the diet related to that? It is our great pleasure to invite you to a holistic workshop that we are creating in partnership with the Master of Nutrition Tajna Klisura – @nutritajna, entitled “Awaken the inner beauty – your cycle, your strength”. The purpose and intention of the workshop is to talk about the menstrual cycle in women, all the changes we are going through, how to observe them out of gratitude and use them positively, all in accordance with nutritional guidelines. Each of the phases of the menstrual cycle will be complemented by one sequence of wonderful nutritious meals created and prepared by the expert staff of 4 rooms of Ms. Safia.

– arrival of participants, setting of intentions and introductory meditation led by Dalila Lakomica
– educational part of the workshop
– Tasting of a sequence of 4 dishes with the practice of conscious eating
– talk, share and experience reviews
– final word

Time: 11 am (planned duration of the workshop: 3 hours)
Address: Čekaluša 61, 71000 Sarajevo, 4 rooms of Mrs. Safija
Contact tel: +387 60 355 2056 /
The workshop is led by: Tajna Klisura, MA nutritionist
Workshop price: 74 KM

NOTE: please join us at the address 30 minutes in advance so that we can start the workshop program on time and in peace.
You can apply via link.

We are looking forward to seeing you!